Benefits to Applicants

Constellation Philanthropy shines a spotlight on the crucially important work of early childhood development. Broader visibility brings more funders – and more funding - to this arena.

Individualized fundraising and reporting efforts are burdensome to any organization and distract from program delivery. Constellation Philanthropy’s model allows access to a large, wide-ranging audience who would otherwise be exponentially more difficult to reach; and a single, streamlined reporting structure.

The relationship with our funded projects does not end once funding is received and reports are submitted. The conversation and dialogue continues so we are kept up to date on projects, and where we might be able to offer additional support in the way of brainstorming sessions, introductions, or simply just as a trusted sounding board.

We look for clear, bold ideas offering new approaches that are grounded in evidence and research, to help improve the lives of Colorado’s youngest residents. If you think you have just the idea we should hear about, please look at our Applicant Criteria page to see how to submit your idea to us.