Applicant Criteria

Constellation Philanthropy aspires to identify, evaluate and support bold new ideas that could dramatically improve early childhood development in our state.

Constellation Philanthropy’s main vehicle for presenting opportunities to members is the Investment Forum, a half-day pitch and Q&A session that happens 3 times per year. After a short pitch from the organization’s leader, members have the opportunity to ask questions and then decide whether to offer their support, and at what level. Members can make the decision whether to offer their support at any level they choose.

Our investment committee, comprised solely of members, prioritizes the following factors when considering an opportunity:

– Clear need coupled with a sensible solution
– Fiscal resilience
– Leadership strength
– Member input on the organization or leadership
– Ability to sustain project over the long term
– Measurable and realistic project goals
– Dedication to data and learning

Typically it takes about 3 months between the first investment committee review of an idea, and the Investment Forum itself. The first step is submitting a 2 to 3 paragraph write-up articulating your idea. If you are invited to round 2, you will be asked to submit a full grant proposal with supporting materials. The 3 to 5 opportunities invited to pitch at each Investment Forum will also need to spend significant time preparing for the pitch, which includes:

– Write an outline of the story you will tell at the Investment Forum (5-7 min)
– Turn you story into a PowerPoint with simple graphics
– Practice your pitch and Q&A, individually and twice with Constellation Philanthropy staff

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us regarding an idea or your organization.