Benefits of Membership

Constellation Philanthropy is, above all, a community.

Members benefit from a strong network of peers offering support, diverse perspective and a shared sense of purpose and focus in giving. The time members spend learning together, while questioning and challenging each other, is something that cannot be quantified and differentiates Constellation Philanthropy from other groups of donors.

Although rooted in community and partnership giving, Constellation Philanthropy members maintain complete decision making control over their individual investments. This allows members autonomy over their personal philanthropic strategy and interests.

Constellation Philanthropy aspires to identify, evaluate and support bold new ideas that could dramatically improve early childhood development in our state. Our founding members sought to create a space to educate themselves and their peers about early childhood issues, and find opportunities to make informed investments together. Early childhood is a complex field, and these individuals built an on-ramp to learn more while identifying where their investments could make the biggest impact in improving the lives of children.

We work together to find great investment opportunities, perform due diligence on those opportunities, discuss the benefits and risks and coordinate reporting. Our model streamlines the process by which social-purpose organizations pitch and report to individual donors, providing efficiencies to both our members and the organizations we support.

At our Investment Forums organizations can pitch an idea for funding, and members have the opportunity to ask questions of the organizations directly. Members can make the decision whether to offer their support at any level they choose.

In order to help navigate the complicated early childhood landscape, Constellation Philanthropy holds learning events inviting experts to discuss topics of interest to members and timely to broader trends and research in the field. Recent topics included: early childhood legislation, early intervention and special needs.

As advocates for early childhood development, members play a vital role in educating their networks on the importance of investment in this issue.