Our Membership Process

Constellation Philanthropy is, above all, a community. Members benefit from a strong network of peers who offer diverse perspectives and a shared sense of purpose and focus in giving. Each individual member, or family, maintains complete decision making control over their philanthropic dollars, investing only in the opportunities that spark their interest.

Constellation Philanthropy members have a wide range of experience in philanthropic investing and in the early childhood space, with some novices and some experts. Each member has their own expertise and insight, offering a different perspective that makes for a creative and invigorating atmosphere, while providing a safe environment for open dialogue.

Constellation Philanthropy holds learning events around topics of interest to members, helping to identify and explain broader trends in the field. The interactions that members have with each other, questioning and challenging, learning from diverse perspectives, is one of the most valuable features of the model, differentiating Constellation Philanthropy from other groups of donors.

Constellation Philanthropy is a relatively new organization comprised of individual donors and families who want to learn about the early childhood space in Colorado, and invest in new approaches without carrying the risk alone. With the added value of staff support and by sharing analysis with each other we are able to perform deeper due diligence, shifting the burden of research and data collection from each individual member.

Our model streamlines the process by which social-purpose organizations pitch and report to individual donors, providing efficiencies to both our members and the organizations we support.