What We Do

Constellation Philanthropy:

– Is a peer community of philanthropists
– Provides meaningful investment opportunities that positively impact the early childhood landscape
– Is committed to shared research, data and reporting, but individual decision making

Constellation Philanthropy is a community of individual funders working and learning together to make a difference in Colorado’s early childhood landscape.

Members learn about issues affecting early childhood in Colorado, discover organizations creating change, and explore opportunities to co-invest.

Organizations that work with the pre-natal to age five populations in Colorado can submit an idea tied to a funding request to Constellation Philanthropy, either through our staff, members, or our broader network. After significant due diligence and research conducted by members and staff, a few leaders are asked to pitch their ideas to the Constellation Philanthropy members at an Investment Forum. This allows members the opportunity to ask questions of the leader and then decide whether to offer their support, and at what level. There are no pooled funds, so each member retains complete control of their philanthropic dollars, investing alongside other interested members.

Our members have a wide range of experience in philanthropic investing and in the early childhood space, with some novices and some experts. Each member has their own expertise and insight, offering a new perspective that makes for a creative and invigorating atmosphere, while providing a safe environment for open dialogue.

To help members navigate the complicated early childhood landscape, Constellation Philanthropy holds learning events around topics of interest to members, helping to identify and explain broader trends in the field.

We are fortunate to have partners in the community who offer their expertise and insight, increasing our knowledge base in the early childhood space.

Constellation Philanthropy shines a spotlight on the crucially important work of early childhood development. Broader visibility brings more funders – and more funding – to this arena.